I appreciate all of the help you’ve provided over the years and especially the last few weeks. Your consulting is invaluable.
— AAI Corporation

Thank you for the hospitality while I was there and please thank John for me. The program was great and I learned more with this instructor and picked up on more things to add to my knowledge base. We’re shipping out more complex hazmat and dangerous goods today and the training that I received is helping us better manage our compliance requirements.
— RedXDefense

I want to thank you both for getting our shipment to and from ARPA-e 2014. As always, you made this process extremely smooth. The show was a success and PolyPlus couldn’t of done it without your assistance with the on-site delivery and post shipment!!!!!
— Poly Plus Battery Company

I cannot thank you enough for everything you did in regards to this shipment.
And I especially thank you for hanging around late on a Friday to send the revised docs to the CAS cargo handlers @ JFK Airport for delivery tomorrow.
Excellent customer service from Airpack!

— Fugro Chance, Inc.

It has been a pleasure working with you all these years. I’ve learned a great deal through you and your team and appreciate all of support you’ve provided during my tenure here at Teledyne.
— Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc.

I received your thank you card today. I say again thank you for all of your assistance regarding DG shipments. I hope I can use your assistance in the future for our shipping needs and/or with DG shipping questions in general.
— Actavis