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consulting and training services

Since 1986 Airpack has provided consulting and training services for shippers of hazardous materials and/or dangerous goods.

Since 1986 Airpack has provided consulting and training services for shippers of hazardous materials and/or dangerous goods. Ensuring that your employees have the proper training is the smart choice. Not only will they have a better handle on situations involving hazardous materials, they will also be knowledgeable in other industries as well.

Consulting Services

We have served as experienced corporate hazmat consultants in various crucial industries. The industries we have served in the past include the following:

  • Motorcycle and automobile industry
  • Government aviation
  • Search and rescue/emergency response teams,
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • DoD Contractors

Our relationships in these industries have been established for years; not only are they longstanding, but they are also thriving. What sort of consulting services do we offer?

For these industries, we handle training, counseling, and certification With these elements of the process managed, these industries can focus on what they do best: creating top of the line products. Moreover, they can also then handle their shipments properly through the entire transaction process.

Regulatory corrective actions and mitigation efforts are also important. Whatever you need in these areas, contact us. We can then proceed with helping you determine the solution that is best for you, especially when it comes to any regulatory compliance requirements.

Contractors working with either the federal government or the Department of Defense (DoD) can benefit from our consulting services as well. We offer mil-spec consulting services. What else can we assist you with?

Training Services

In cooperation with John Gerrish & Associates, we offer Hazmat Training Services. As all modes of transport (DOT/IATA/IMO/AFMAN) require regulatory compliance training, we are eager to provide that service. Of course, we offer these crucial services locally, throughout Maryland. That said, we also offer them on-site nationwide, and in the online sphere, we can provide continuing education. On-site training is particularly popular, and we offer:

  • Flexible dates and times, including weekends and half days.
  • Function-specific training
  • An exit summary that includes instructor observations and solutions for concerns pertaining to regulatory guidelines.

Get In Touch With Airpack Today For Your Consulting and Training Services

We’re pioneers in our industry for over 30 years and can assist you with your consulting and training needs.  We are able to meet any and all of your consulting and training needs. Our trained professional staff is here to help you with your questions about consulting and training.

Feel free to Contact Us today or email us at Our fax number is 410-768-6603. You can also find and follow us on social media and be sure to subscribe to our blog to receive additional important postings concerning Consulting and Training Services and other services Airpack provides. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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