How Can Online Hazmat Training Make Your Life Easier?

Online Hazmat Training

Online hazmat training is a valuable tool that can help make your life a little easier.

As the manager of a shipping department which handles hazardous materials on a regular basis, you understand how stressful the job can sometimes be. It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing regulations and having an eye for detail in best packaging practices is absolutely critical for success. Another problem that might be on your mind is keeping all of your hazmat employees compliant on necessary training. Hazmat training can be time-consuming and lead to a decrease in your department’s productivity, yet is mandatory by law. How can you make sure your hazmat employees get the training they need while minimizing the hassle that comes along with it? Online hazmat training may be the solution. Here’s how online hazmat training can make your life easier.

Ensuring Everyone Gets the Hazmat Training They Need

When DOT and OSHA come to your facility for inspections, one of the first things the inspector will want to check is your department’s training records. However, it is shockingly common that many companies who ship hazardous materials don’t train everyone they’re supposed to.

The 49 CFR mandates training for all employees whose job responsibilities include just about anything relating to hazardous materials. So how can you make sure everyone gets the training they require? Online hazmat training, combined with in-person classroom training, is a solid plan.

Mixing Live and Online Hazmat Training

One of the first things every teacher learns on the job is that different students respond to different styles of teaching. Not all of your employees will absorb the critical information they need to know in a hazmat class in an online environment. But it’s just as important to realize that there will be some employees that don’t absorb everything in a live environment, either. The best course of action to make sure all of your employees are served well by hazmat education is to combine live with online hazmat training. You’ll see a more in-depth understanding from more of your workers, keeping the team as a whole safer and in compliance.

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