Cut Hazmat Shipping Time and Costs With These Tips

Hazmat Shipping

Utilize best practices to save time and money on your hazmat shipping.

Hazmat shipping is an extremely complex process that requires near constant training and education in order to stay up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations. Although businesses stress the importance of efficient and economical practices, it can seem undesirable and perhaps impossible to cut the time and costs of your hazmat shipping. After all, shipping dangerous goods like lithium batteries can be just that – dangerous. However, thoughtful hazmat shippers can use best practices to maximize safety and security while saving time and money. Here are a few tips to utilize.

Establishing a Regulatory Network

Rules and regulations regarding hazmat shipping change on a seemingly daily basis. Tiny changes to the law may seem inconsequential on first glance, but in reality can make a big difference in whether your shipment is accepted or rejected and whether your organization may be subject to fines. There are software programs and applications out there that are a shipper’s best resource for the latest regulations. These programs (and some online resources) monitor changes to the law to help you stay compliant on a daily basis and are worth seeking out.

Knowing How Your Shipment Will Be Transported

The regulations governing the packing and shipping of hazardous materials can vary dramatically depending on the method of transportation used. This can be a hindrance and may tempt you to use shortcuts, but this can lead to costly fines and other consequences. However, knowing how your shipment will be transported can also be a boon if you’re savvy. For example, you may find that, all expenses considered, it’s cheaper to ship a particular hazardous material on the ground than in the air with a negligible impact on your timeline.

Complete Shipping Papers Accurately

The shipping paper explains what kind of material is being shipped, how much, and who to contact in case of emergency. This is the most important document in the hazmat shipping process and should be approached with utmost care. Filling them out by hand can be quite time-consuming – in addition, the risk that you might make a mistake on the form is greater. Consider creating shipping paper templates on your computer to save time and headaches. Ideally, your regulation monitoring software can help you stay on top of all labeling regulations.

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