Developing a Comprehensive and Effective Safety Training Program

Safety Training Program

By developing a comprehensive safety training program, you can ensure that your employees stay safe when handling dangerous goods.

Safety training is essential in many different industries, but nowhere is it more important than in the hazmat shipping industry. Dangerous goods require the utmost care when handling, and best practices continually change as regulations change and equipment evolves. Developing a comprehensive and effective safety training program can be tricky, but taking the time to assess your situation and make safety a part of your company culture will ensure that everyone is getting the training they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently. How can you do this?

New Employee Orientation

A great safety training program begins at orientation. When it comes to safety, the tone set at new employee orientation will have a huge impact on your overall employee culture. Emphasizing the importance of safety and training new employees properly the first time will not only build a solid foundation for further training, but it can even help with material retention. Encourage new employees to ask questions during orientation, and get a sense of their past experience with safety and handling dangerous goods. With the full support of your management team behind your efforts, you can emphasize the importance of hazmat shipping safety during the entirety of the orientation process.

Annual Training Sessions

As we all know, safety training doesn’t end with orientation. One of the key challenges for a safety training program is how to approach the annual refresher courses that are required by law. On the one hand, hardly anyone enjoys the type of training that boils down to dry lectures. But on the other hand, hazmat handling training shouldn’t be approached lightly either. How can you balance these two extremes? Creativity is paramount here and can help you deliver the information you need to convey to your employees in an effective way.

Contact a Hazmat Training Company for Help

With hazmat regulations consistently shifting, it can be extremely challenging, if not downright impossible, to make sure you deliver all of the required information to your employees. Not only that, but it can also seem difficult to deliver that information in an engaging way that helps your employees retain that information. Contact a hazmat training company, such as Airpack, for assistance. We have the skills and experience needed to make sure all of your employees are properly trained from their first day onward!

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