Why DOT Placards are Essential for Safe Hazmat Transportation

DOT Placards

DOT placards must be used during the transport of hazardous goods.

When we want to communicate an important message on the road, we generally do so through signs. Think about the last time you encountered a road work or detour sign – these communicated critical information almost instantaneously. The same concept applies to the shipping of hazardous materials. We use clearly defined and visible labels on packaging so we can gather information about the materials within simply by looking at them. But when these packages are loaded into a trailer and transported from point A to point B, we need a way to communicate this information on the road. That’s where DOT placards come into play. Why are they so important and essential for safe hazmat transportation?

Informing the Public

Materials deemed hazardous and dangerous are subject to increased scrutiny and regulations since they pose an added risk to the safety of property and the public. The public has a right to know when hazardous materials are being transported close to them. DOT placards inform the public of this fact. It warns them that they are driving next to or are within the vicinity of dangerous goods.

Emergency Response

Accidents can and will happen at some point. The situation can be critical even without hazardous materials involved, but emergency responders need to be especially cautious when they are. If shipping papers aren’t available when an accident occurs, how do these responders get critical information about the substances they are dealing with? DOT placards deliver this important data to them so that they know exactly how to approach the situation.

Required by Law

Perhaps the most important reason why DOT placards are essential from a strictly business perspective – the law requires that you use them. In the US, there are a few exceptions to placarding a transport container, but generally you will be responsible for making sure DOT placards are being used in accordance with all rules and regulations. Your company will also be responsible for providing these DOT placards to the shipping company – otherwise, they will not transport your goods. And if you’re caught by the authorities, your company will be subject to stiff fines and other penalties.

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