The Importance of Hazmat Markings for Hazardous Materials Shipping

hazardous materials shipping

Airpack specializes in all aspects of hazardous materials shipping which includes hazmat markings.

Proper documentation and certification is a crucial component to the successful transport of hazardous materials and/or dangerous goods. Airpack specializes in all aspects of hazardous materials shipping which includes hazmat markings.  Markings are additional identifiers that further describe a package to ensure proper handling of the material as well as regulatory compliance.  Incorrectly identifying a hazard is a serious infraction and here at Airpack, we determine what regulations apply to you and your shipment across the differing local regulatory agencies from packaging to appropriate markings.  In this edition of the blog, we’ll talk about the importance of hazmat markings, and especially, hazardous materials shipping.

Why Are Hazmat Markings So Important?

Whether you are shipping to or from Baltimore and beyond, hazmat markings are important for several reasons including:

  • Markings can give an indication of what materials are inside the package.  They provide information to supplement hazardous or handling labels and assist with complying to the necessary regulations.
  • Markings allow for identification of the product during storage, handling and transportation and most importantly, markings allow for quick identification of the hazardous material should a leak occur.  Markings are considered another very important item on the HAZMAT inspector’s checklist.
  • Markings also give emergency responders important information: In case of an emergency, markings allow personnel to access response information in the Emergency Response Guidebook.

What Do Hazmat Markings Look Like?

Examples of hazmat markings include but are not limited to proper shipping name, identification number, technical name, special permit packaging, environmental handling, consignment information, and marine pollutants.

  • Proper shipping names and ID numbers – markings identify a hazardous material using the proper shipping name and the identification number, each located on the same surface of the package as the other markings– package handlers or emergency response personnel should be able to readily identify the hazardous material by these markings, and if they are hard to find among other package markings, it may be a violation.
  • Hazmat markings are required to feature backgrounds that can be easily distinguished through contrast. Likewise, hazmat markings also cannot be obscured by labels, or anything else that might make the markings harder to see and understand.   As an example, most liquids in combination packages must be marked with “package orientation markings” – the double up arrows – on two opposite vertical sides.
  • Most recently international and U.S. transportation regulations are stipulating the minimum size of the lettering and numbers to promote consistent efficient readability.  The regulators continue to promote and patronize the collection and processing of data within the supply chain systems.

Where Can They Be Placed?

Where markings can be placed depends on several factors.  There are various types of markings used for different forms of hazardous material transport.  These factors are the specific type of hazardous material, and the type of transportation involved in shipping the item. Drums, barrels, boxes and bags all require specific hazmat markings.  Airpack’s in-depth experience and knowledge in the industry guarantees proper markings of your shipment from origin to destination. If your point of origin is Baltimore and your destination is Washington, D.C., we’ll be sure to get it there.

Call the Experts at Airpack

International and domestic rules that govern the transportation of hazardous materials are always changing.  At Airpack, we adapt quickly and take a very proactive approach to preparing your shipments. From the Baltimore and Washington, DC areas and beyond, we will ensure that your cargo meets all regulations and requirements of carriers and regulatory agencies. Let the experts at Airpack provide you with the most comprehensive packaging solution. . .please visit our contact us page to learn more.  Call us locally at 410-768-8155 or toll free at 1-800-460-6030. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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