The Importance of Mil-Spec Packing Standards

Mil-Spec Packing Standards

Mil-Spec packing standards were developed with the unique needs of the military in mind.

For government contractors, knowledge of various sets of standards are crucial to the success of their operations. Companies that have to ship items to the armed forces have to conform to a very specific set of standards known as Military Specification, or mil-spec for short, when packaging these items. This may or may not be added to the regulations governing the packaging of hazardous materials or dangerous goods. Mil-spec packing standards are very important for a number of different reasons.

Logical System

The military relies on speed and efficiency to complete their missions, so when they need items shipped, they rely on a set of standards to avoid the kinds of logistical nightmares that can compromise their success. During the Second World War, the military used the same packing materials that were used in the civilian realm, which created many issues. Mil-spec packing standards have been developed with this in mind. It allows for packaging standards to help the military achieve its missions while allowing these standards to be consistently re-evaluated and tweaked as technology improves.

Benefits for the Contractor

There are also several benefits for the contractor who takes the time to learn mil-spec packing standards. For starters, it qualifies the company to work as an official government contractor, granting access to the military market and increasing the value of your business. Second, because mil-spec packing standards require you to give exact details about the products in your system, it creates an environment where a very detailed inventory system is desirable. Your employees benefit greatly from having a system like this in place.

Finally, since mil-spec packing standards specify the usage of compact, full containers, you are able to get the most out of your shipments. This very efficient system reduces the number of packages needed, which in turn reduces the amount of space required on the particular transportation vehicle. This saves your company money in the form of reduced processing costs.

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