How to Plan Effectively for a Lithium Battery Recall

Lithium Battery Recall

A product recall involving lithium batteries can be complex – an action plan is essential.

A product recall is one of the most challenging processes companies have to undergo. The costs from one of these can be monumental if not adequately planned for. And with complex regulations changing very frequently, any product recalls involving lithium batteries presents yet greater challenges. This was illustrated most brilliantly during the debacle surrounding Samsung’s faulty Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. When dealing with products containing a lithium battery, it is just as important to plan for a product recall as it is to plan how to ship the items out. Here’s how your hazmat shipping department can do so effectively.

Staying Up-to-Date on Current Reverse Logistics Regulations

The rules and regulations governing the reverse logistics of lithium batteries is very complex and constantly changing. Special exceptions and provisions are commonplace, so your team needs to be well-versed and trained in the finer points of this field to come up with a coherent and thorough plan in the event of a product recall. And don’t let this constantly shifting landscape stop you from developing a plan in the first place – it would be a giant mistake if you simply decided to come up with a plan when you need it “because the rules will change anyway.”

Understanding Lithium Battery Shortfalls

The nature of your product and its relationship with the lithium battery will have an impact on your recall plans. If your product has a removable battery, you may elect to send replacement devices to your customers with instructions on how to dispose of the battery component properly and safely. However, non-removable lithium batteries are becoming increasingly standard in devices, making recall processes more complicated and costly. Having a deep understanding of the various pros and cons of the design of your device and how the lithium battery is integrated into it will help you fully evaluate your recall options.

Devising a Recall Plan

A recall can affect every aspect of your business and its relationship with its customers, so there are a lot of variables you will need to consider when coming up with a plan. You’ll need to determine how quickly you can gather materials necessary for shipping any recalled batteries, how you can best notify affected customers and handle a surge of queries in your customer service department, and how to manage all of the data and documentation that may be required for regulatory bodies. In addition, product recalls have an extraordinary effect on the retailers that sell your device. Make sure that they also have the information they need to handle a recall.

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