Hazmat Training

What sets Airpack and John Gerrish & Associates (JGA) apart is that we tie our expert knowledge in packing regulations to real world application in our training curriculum. We provide a unique value to the logistics community, because clients come to us not only with their shipments, but also to learn from us so that they can apply this specialized knowledge to their industry practices. Regulatory compliance training is required for all modes of transport (DOT/IATA/IMO/AFMAN). We provide this service locally for Maryland companies ranging from Cecil County to St. Mary’s County, as well as on-site nationally, and online for continuing education.

About Us

When shipping regulations began to enforce training, the industry looked to JGA to develop a curriculum due to our familiarity with the complexity of the regulations. Our credentialed and experienced instructors have run shipping departments, prepared shipments, and handled the challenges that our students will face in the real world environment. We train and certify over a thousand people a year, in hazmat packing, perishable packing, dangerous goods packing, and more. We also provide follow up and free support, so that when one of our students has a problem, we can help. Certification standards are regulated by the Federal Government in conjunction with international governing bodies, and our instructors constantly monitor all levels of regulation to ensure compliance, and attend industry functions to stay current. And of course, because we also do the packing, we know where the problems are.

Meet Our Team

Public Training

Knowing and understanding Unites States regulations goes a long way in communicating compliance with regulatory entities. We hold classes in our multi-tiered training center with premier teaching aids and wireless internet access, and we enhance classroom learning with real world application in our warehouse. For initial and recurrent training, we offer:

  • Ground (DOT 49CFR)
  • Air (IATA/ICAO)
  • Ocean (IMO)
  • AFMAN 24-204
  • Shipping Lithium Batteries
  • Shipping Infectious Substances

JGA Training provides a continental breakfast, catered lunch, and all refreshments for each day of class. Student materials include:

  • A Study Guide inclusive of Work Projects
  • Current edition of 49CFR
  • Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)

Customized On-Site Training

JGA Training can design a structured curriculum for your logistics mission covering any and all modes of transport, and can provide customized and on-site training at your facility or specified location. This approach allows JGA to use your products, shipping scenarios, and documentation as examples in the classroom. This training option is popular among many companies nationally as well as locally along the Baltimore Washington corridor, because it allows them to be product specific. We offer:

  • Flexible dates and times
  • Weekend scheduling
  • Half day sessions
  • Custom curriculum tailored to your logistics mission
  • Attention to in-house processes, procedures, and company policies
  • Function-specific training
  • Layered training for initial and recertification goals
  • Potential cost savings as compared to individual training

In addition to the benefits named above, we provide an Exit Summary that includes:

  • Instructor observations
  • Solutions to stated concerns within regulatory guidelines

Please contact us for pricing on customized on-site training classes for your organization.

Online Training

The JGA Online Training program provides an update review and regulation refresher for employees who pack hazmat shipments, to ensure regulation compliance for companies across the United States. We have decades of experience training and certifying employees of Fortune 500 companies in all types of industries. Students rely on our course materials backed by our proven track record to prevent logistic problems and keep their companies regulatory compliant. Benefits of online training include:

  • Reduction of direct and indirect costs of training
  • Time flexibility for students
  • Elimination of travel requirements and time off work
  • Can be completed anywhere with internet capacity
  • Allows for client review and monitoring of progress
  • Free support from JGA staff and instructors